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Brickell Business

Miami Brickell VillageMary and William Brickell moved to the Miami area from Ohio around 1870. They set up an Indian trading post and general store in 1871. Later Mrs. Tuttle arrived and built a residence across the Miami River from their home. Mrs. Tuttle came after her husband died. She was the founder of Miami, which became an incorporated city in 1876. The Brickells, along with Mrs. Tuttle contributed land to persuade Henry M. Flagler to extend the railroad to Miami. Flagler brought the railroad and also he built a luxurious resort hotel.

Miami became very popular with the rich elite after the turn of the century. In 1915, Mary Brickell created “Millionaire’s Row” by attracting the richest of that time to build magnificent homes there, next to hers. The land owned by the Brickells is now the most prestigious area of downtown Miami. It is the Brickell district. It has high-rise office buildings and luxurious residential complexes including the stunning Atlantis Condominiums.

This superb area of Miami is the “Manhattan of the South.” The Brickell area is one of the largest financial districts in the United States. Every major international bank and many foreign consulates have a presence. Many wealthy foreign businesspersons live in Brickell while they are visiting America. Over 30,000 people have made the Brickell area their home.

At the heart of the Brickell area, is the Mary Brickell Village. This is an up-scale lifestyle center with world-class restaurants, live entertainment, designer boutiques, and major name-brand retailers. The layout is perfect for comfortable walking enjoyment in a style reminiscent of a quaint French Village. This is Miami living in its most vibrant style.

There are many up-scale bars, nightclubs, and restaurants along Miami Avenue, which runs through Brickell. Business is booming in this part of Miami. The Downtown Miami Partnership frequently throws popular social and business gatherings. The Brickell area sets the tone for the rest of Miami as both a tourist destination and a wonderful place to live. Think of the comparison between Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. The Beverly Hills feel, with a touch more liveliness, is how Brickell’s allure compares to the rest of Miami. Brickell is a great place for business, to live, have fun, and be seen.